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Latest Fundraising Programs

Raise funds with a single event campaign or all year with monthly subscriptions

In the past, churches would take up offerings on a Sunday morning by passing around collection plates. Members would toss in their cash or check contributions. Nowadays, churches have to take it up a notch, especially during this Covid19 period.
This does not mean that traditional ways should be abandoned. In fact, some congregation members might still prefer them, but how do you connect with parishioners when they are forced to stay home. There are ways that you can use to reach your church goals and engage your members.

How about an online fundraising event.

Created for a specific holiday, or made available as a year around option, for members to contribute by purchasing high quality coffee. The idea is simple, a selected variety of coffee, in different format ( K-Cups, Whole beans. Ground ), being offered on your dedicated fundraising page, Member make a purchase online and receive their selection in the mail or via the church own preferred distribution method. The pre-arranged per item contribution is tallied at the end of each month and forwarded to the church. Weekly reports would be made available as requested.
This of course would be beneficial to any religious entity, regardless of their affiliations
Whether you are large or small, an online fundraising option could help supplement lost donations and help those that want to give do so from the comfort of their own home.

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Premium Quality

At Coffee Brothers we use a custom made Italian coffee roaster, operating with hot air flowing through coffee beans, built with a double insulated layered drum for better uniform heat dispersion. Good taste and freshness.

Fresh Experience

Coffee is quickly packaged just after roasting to ensure the best customer experience.
We strive to give our customers the best cup of coffee they ever experienced, quality, freshness, delivered to your door.

Rich History

Founded by two Italian born brothers eagar to share their passion for coffee, Coffee Brothers was established in order to bring quality, fresh coffee roasted locally, to businesses populating the So. California landscape